Thursday, September 30, 2004

make it 18

The New England Patriots take a string of 17 straight victories into Sunday's game against the Buffalo Bills. A win at Ralph Wilson Stadium would make them the sixth NFL team to win 18 straight, including playoff games.

The dominance of the Patriots seems to intrigue the whole country, especially us patriots fans. But we can't get too confident because we are jsut as capable of playing sloppy as any other team except that we bring that capability to a minimum. We need to look at the team as a whole and not focus on records. Lets get the Bills and climb back to the top we we belong. Let's get a win after a good rest!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Strong Start to the season.

This seems like a flashback, with, once again the dominance by our Patriots. Although we are definatley not playing the kind of games we could be, we are still winning. Tom Brady isn't doing as well as he was last year but I'm sure its just one of those things that goes away with more games being played. I do have to say that we got lucky that we intercepted the passes to Fitzgerald because while watching him in the college games, he was unstoppable. Time will tell how we do, but we are getting off to a great start and continuing that winning streak from last year. Keep it up Patriots!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

AFC championship rematch, we are back!

Tom Brady continued to play great during the season opener against the same team be beat last year for the AFC championship, The Colts. We managed to pull off a win by 3 which is, I think , too close for comfort. We need to be able to hold teams off to no points or almost none or else when time comes for the playoffs this year, we will won't be able to step up against teams like the Panthers or the Colts. On a much better note:
The win was the 16th straight for New England, including the last 12 regular-season games plus two playoff games and the Super Bowl last season. That puts the Patriots two short of the NFL record of 18 set by five teams, most recently Denver in 1997-98, with games at Arizona, at Buffalo after a bye and Miami at home coming up.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Hoping preseason doesnt reflect ability

After loosing 3 straight, including to the Panthers who we beat last year during the Superbowl. I want to put this behind us and move on and begin fresh with the regular season. I hope we can do better, and that Tom Brady can pull us back together like last season. Now lets get out there and start the regular season!