Tuesday, September 14, 2004

AFC championship rematch, we are back!

Tom Brady continued to play great during the season opener against the same team be beat last year for the AFC championship, The Colts. We managed to pull off a win by 3 which is, I think , too close for comfort. We need to be able to hold teams off to no points or almost none or else when time comes for the playoffs this year, we will won't be able to step up against teams like the Panthers or the Colts. On a much better note:
From Sports.yahoo.com:
The win was the 16th straight for New England, including the last 12 regular-season games plus two playoff games and the Super Bowl last season. That puts the Patriots two short of the NFL record of 18 set by five teams, most recently Denver in 1997-98, with games at Arizona, at Buffalo after a bye and Miami at home coming up.

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