Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pass the Bruschi

ILB Tedy Bruschi is one of those players who always seems to do the right thing. Bill Belichick said it's an instinctive ability that you coach and can't really explain to other people. It's so valuable, though, that Belichick said he wants Bruschi on the field as much as possible to take advantage of it. A good example occurred in the divisional playoffs against the Colts, when Bruschi fielded a squib kick from Mike Vanderjagt and advanced the ball near midfield. It was the type of play that Bruschi spent virtually no practice time on, but when the situation arose he did the right thing. Belichick said that WR Troy Brown shares that gift.

As a linebacker, Bruschi can do most everything the position demands. He can rush the passer and cover against the pass. He's an instinctive, flow-to-the-ball run defender. He's a sure tackler. He's not going to blow up many blocks like his ILB counterpart, Ted Johnson, but he's usually able to dodge the contact and get to the ball carrier. Most of all, Bruschi's ball skills are outstanding -- which is fortuitous because he always seems to be around the pigskin. Off the field, Bruschi is a fiery team leader and tone-setter.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Give Credit to where Credit is due

I have said it before and I will say it again, offense wins games but defense wins companionship. This is a re-occurring theme could appear in any sport, but it fits so well in football.

Don't you think?

Unless you think Mr. Corey Dillon deserves the credit for his 100 plus yards gained rushing against the Colts in the divisional playoff game this past Sunday. If that is the case, then the credit should go to the offensive line.

When it comes down to it the final score was 20-3. I think that is more of a defensive win than Offensive. Not to say the offensive wasn't there, but anyone who say the came could easy say, "Wow, that defense stopped Manning without Law or Poole, that is a real good defensive win."

...At least that's what I said.

Go Pats!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Easy come Easy go

With a 21-7 victory over the humbled and dismantled 49ers, he Patriots end regular season with 14-2 record. Corey Dillon ran for 100+ yard game and finished the season with 1600+ yards rushing, I think he is happier now than he was in Cincinnati. The Patriots will have a bye week as they wait for the wild card round to be over.