Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Survey Says...

So I am sure everyone knows that the draft order is determined by a team’s record. Therefore putting New England at the end of every round, all that means is the Pats kicked a lot of but last year. Yet in Coach Bill Belichick eyes it was a weak draft and left the Pats in a tough position to recruit quality players.

Regardless Belichick has an eye for the type of talent and character that makes the New England Patriots so competitive. Looking for certain intangibles, Belichick found what he was looking for in first round selection with OL Logan Mankins and third round picks CB Ellis Hobbs and OT Nick Kaczur.

Both linemen that were drafted are versatile and have the toughness and work ethic to help replace Joe Andruzzi, who left to the Browns, and injured Tom Ashworth.

I give the Pats a B- for their 2005 draft. What do you all think out there?

Monday, April 11, 2005

Reporting in

from Foxsport.com
Providing he returns to full health after missing last year with a torn Achilles, DE Rodney Bailey figures to enter the defensive line rotation on passing downs. Not that Bailey is an explosive outside rusher, but his upfield moves are still stronger than his prowess as a gap-plugging run-stuffer. Bailey spent three years in Pittsburgh before coming to the Pats as a restricted free agent last year, so he's more than familiar with the 3-4 defense. He also has the versatility to play either end or tackle when the Pats go to a four-man line. If Bailey has lost a step from his injury, his roster spot could be jeopardy.