Thursday, May 19, 2005

What about Bruschi?

There is definite uncertainty that surrounds middle linebacker Tedy Bruschi. I would consider Bruschi the engine that keeps the Patriot's defensive going. I don’t know too much about his condition, but my prayers go out to him and his family.

The problem still stands…

If Bruschi doesn’t make it back then who will take his place? Well, the Pats took a step in the right direction by adding Chad Brown, who is more than capable to produce big plays. It does help that outside Linebackers Mike Vrabel and Willie McGinest remain healthy, because they will be huge factors now.

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Johnny Sox said...

When the 2003 season ended, Ty Law was the "key" guy on the "D", Ty's big day against the Colts propelled the Pats to another title. If I had told you that the Pats would play the Colts again in the playoffs without Law, poole AND Seymour, you would have likely predicted doom. I would have! Teddy is the key cog but somehow the concept of "T-E-A-M" prevails.