Monday, June 13, 2005


Due to the incident with Bruschi and lack of depth in the Linebacker position it is very possible that the Patriots could outside linebacker Mike Vrabel as substitute middle linebacker if need be. Vrabel stands at 6-4 and weighs in at 260 pounds and could very well play the inside position.

Although, it would be more natural for him to continue play outside since he has a very good pass rushing capability. The fact that Vrabel is so versatile is just a plus, the Patriots could use him anywhere on the field if it ever came down to it, well expect quarterback.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Bruschi Saga

Good news.

Word on the street is that Peter King feels there is still a decent chance of Teddy Bruschi putting on the Patriots uniform this upcoming season. I believe he even gave a ratio of a 60:40 chance. You might wonder why it would matter what Peter King says about the situation. Well King is close to Bruschi and is a reliable source of information through ESPN. We can only pray he is right.