Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Bruschi Saga

Good news.

Word on the street is that Peter King feels there is still a decent chance of Teddy Bruschi putting on the Patriots uniform this upcoming season. I believe he even gave a ratio of a 60:40 chance. You might wonder why it would matter what Peter King says about the situation. Well King is close to Bruschi and is a reliable source of information through ESPN. We can only pray he is right.


JohnnySox said...

Ted has been one of the great linebackers in Pats history, his skill combined with his attitude, his fire, his humor has made him one of the most beloved Patriots. We would love him to play but never at the price of further damage. And if we were to back at less than he was, what would that accomplish? We all saw Ted with his kids at the Superbowl...priceless! Not to be risked!! Ted's place now would be as a coach, and I believe he would be a great one!

foreverapat said...

Teddy Bruschi is in all of our prayers and hearts. He has worn the team colors and carried the cause for three great Super Bowl runs. He is the ultimate team player. But Ted, the team you should hold near and dear is your family. The Pats will go on, but your wife and sons need you. Hope everything works out for you and your family. And Ted, Thanks for the memories. Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS and you were a major part. Line backer coach sounds great or asst. defensive coordinator.

Mortarman05 said...

I believe that Teddy will make a huge comeback and make it on the field and start back where he left off. Of course, I wont get to see much football because I am stationed in Korea. But I believe that Bruschi it a true Patriot and will overcome his injury.