Tuesday, September 13, 2005

No "I" in Team

Something has officially gotten under my skin. All this questioning about whether the Patriots are a dynasty. When a team wins 3 of 4 Super Bowls, and has a very good chance of being the first team in NFL history to win 3 in a row, it leaves no doubt in my mind that the Patriots are not only a dynasty, but quite possibly one of the best ever. I feel it has everything to do with the lack of a traditional superstar, the player that grabs the headlines every week with some statement or wild escapade at a night club. The Patriots are the true definition of a team, no one person in front of the whole. Only a matter of time before the rest of the league realizes what the Patriots have hit on.


Reality said...

Dude are you drunk? 3 words, COLTS! COLTS! COLTS!

Dynasty was a crappy TV show, and so will be the Patriots season this year.

1970's Steeler's, now THAT was a dynasty.

JohnnySox said...

Colts ? They may post a 14-2 record this year due to the WEAK schedule but expect Peyton place to choke it up in the BIG game, like he did in Foxboro last year, under throwing receivers and getting happy feet when pressured.
Pats win their third straight ! Just deal with it!

Mike said...

There's always controversy when it comes to the word 'dynasty'. Let the future fans sort it out. We get to sit back and enjoy the ride!

Welcome to Titletown, USA.

Anonymous said...

Well if 3 out of the last 4 superbowls is no reason to say dynasty,that is your opinion,but as the winning poker player says...read em and weep!Maybe if Peyton stops whining at all the bad calls and gets down to business,just maybe the Colts might win a superbowl.But lets put this into perspective....ITS JUST A GAME!!!

Mike said...

I think today's game is a bigger reason to be upset than whether or not NE is called a dynasty!