Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Quarter Time Stood Still

The Patriots pulled out a big win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, 23-20, thanks to a clock error in the 4th quarter. Early in the 4th quarter the clock jumped from 13:59 to 14:51, and no one noticed, amazingly. A huge mistake which eventually gave Patriots’ kicker Adam Vinatieri enough time to kick the game winning field goal with 1 second left on the clock. Monday morning the NFL officially recognized the mistake, “The on-field officiating crew, which oversees the official game clock operated in the press box, failed to recognize that the clock was improperly reset,” said director of officiating Mike Pereira. This acknowledgement doesn’t change the score though; sometimes the ball just bounces your way. I’m not complaining.


Marcus A. Price said...

It would not had mattered, the Patriots would have still scored the game winner no matter what

JohnnySox said...

So assume Pitt scored to tie with 30 seconds left, they win the toss, Pats hold them inside the 50 due to a confused Rottenburger (Steelers wouldn't have scored without the questionable interference call in the end anyways), Pats get it back , drive down the field , boom, same result!

Anonymous said...

the patriots would have won anyways no matter what happened. pittsburg is garbage.