Sunday, March 19, 2006

Keeping up with all the changes.

The New England Patriots released veteran corner back Tyrone Poole and have signed free agent wide receiver Reche Caldwell. This will be Caldwell’s fifth season in the NFL. Reche Caldwell played for the Chargers in 2005, gaining 352 yards in just 28 receptions. I think these were both good moves for this New England team.


JohnnySox said...

Even the die hard Patriot fans are questioning this offseason philosophy. Willie was a true Patriot and $11M was not out of line for his skill. And the thought of losing Vineteri is frightening. Last year's bargain hunt was a huge failure, they signed about 15 guys and all were busts. Why they are not signing Steven Neal and Tom Ashworth is another mystery. Losing Poole and Starks is good, same with Chad Brown. But the "wait till the end" may not cut it this year.

Anonymous said...

I am diehard Patriots fan and it saddan to lose Vineteri to the Colts and Willie McGinnest. But you cannot keep every player and the players have the right go for more money somewhere else. Hope the lose of Vineteri will not come back to haunt next year..

Anonymous said...

The release of Poole is the only move I can get excited over! The loss of Vineteri will not come back to haunt the Pats....... they won't be in any position to matter now anyway! Back to mediocrity! Is B.B.'s ego and "Genious" status starting to get in they way of good decision making? Looks like it! I hope he makes me eat my words...but I wouldn't bet on it!

Anonymous said...

Athletes salaries are getting out of hand, and only the public is to blame accepting to pay these ridiculesly highly priced stadium tickets. Give new comers a chance, and decrease the price of our tickets!!!

Anonymous said...

What are the New England Patriots thinking.

How many key people can they loose this year and expect to win.

I am already going to say they can't win tis year 2006-07 letting the vets go they have allowed to leave.

My money is going elswhere