Sunday, April 16, 2006

Call them what you want. Just give them a chance.

I read an article on the New England Patriots official web site that characterized 5 running backs in the draft as on the decline. I don’t know how they can really say that without even seeing what these players can do at the NFL level of competition but I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion. Read it and let me know what you think.


Chuck Lewis said...

I think there's too big of a difference between the college and the pro game and the draft is really a crap shoot. Look at some of the "can't miss" prospects of the past... Rick Mirer, Rasham Salaam, Peter Warrick, there's too many of them. If this was a science and not a gamble then Brady would've been at least a 2nd round pick instead of a second day!

Bud Fallon said...

White has played in the limelight with two national championship teams. I realize he is still on the college level but he does have a former Patriot Coach that we all know and loved. As for the first round does the names Robert Edwards and Andy Katzenmoyer ring a bell. Who Knows?