Monday, May 08, 2006

More of the good stuff from the Pats

The New England Patriots have signed the two linebackers for the 2006 season. Barry Gardner from the Philadelphia Eagles and Jeremy Lloyd of the St. Louis Rams. I think the Patriots have made strong decisions this off-season in the draft and free-agent signings.

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Johnny Sox said...

Both of these LB's were signed for special teams. The inside linebacker spot is still a problem, if they use Vrabel back on the outside then Beisel or Tully B. have to play inside, Beisel got killed in there, he is better suited for OL. the safety position is still an issue, maybe Hawkins will wwin the job as a Rodney return is unlikely, despite his efforts. The draft was a good one (hopefully) for the offense adding a much needed receiver, youth at rhe RB position and tight end, and a massive offensive lineman. And of couse Adams replacement. Not an easy man to follow!!