Wednesday, October 25, 2006

For NE Patriots, Winning Isn't Everything

Two different reviews I read of our 28-6 win over the Buffalo Bills focused on the same thing: our Pats did great, yet they still weren't satisfied. Luckily, there was nothing bloodthristy about the comments, just fine athletes challenging themselves. One had a quote from Tom Brady, evaluating a pass that could have gone wrong (but didn't) as "stupidity by me." Rosevelt Colvin was happy about the win, but pointed out "I feel we can get better."

That's how they've gotten to 5 and 1 as we head into Week 8 of the season.

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Johnny said...

If anyone is reading this blog anymore, I want to challenge you at a football game I found on my phone called Airplay. I played the Pats game last week and dominated. You get to predict the plays like an O-Coordinator. I called the C. Jackson TD pass!

Anyway, Patroits fans unite! Go to Airplay and look for tomyboy