Friday, November 03, 2006

Peyton and Tom—why the hype?

Because this Sunday night is gonna be one of the best matchups of the whole 2006 NFL season, that’s why! I’ve been watching the commercials and reading the chat. People want to bury us in stats, most of which reinforce the fact that the Colts and the Patriots are going into this game very even.

Personally, I think the historical numbers are interesting, and they may even have a little psychological impact. But the thing to look at is last week’s games. That won’t help you figure out who’s going to come out on top—Manning and Brady both had terrific, 300+ performances. But it will help explain how this will be the NFL not to miss in 2006! I wonder what Patriots tickets will be going for?

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MICKEY said...

Their is a lot of hype, but this is what makes the NFL successfull financially.

On the game: Did the coach mis-manage this game or what? This has to be the first game ever with Bellicek that I could find fault with. We should have run the ball down the colts throat all night. After the first half we knew who Peytons fav receiver was....and we still did no double coverage on him. Pats are famous for their 2nd half adjustments and we made none. Was Bill's headband on a little too tight causing a brain fart?